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How did this book come to be?


This book did not start out being a book. It started out as a bedtime routine.  I was at home with three small kids, an 18-month-old and twin newborns. It was a lot. We’d spend so much time in their rooms doing nursing and napping, nursing and napping. I remember we had star decals all over the walls in the twin's room and a quote that read “we made a wish and two came true.” So naturally I started singing them the song Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.


We all know that little song only has like four lines and can get quite repetitive, so I started playing around with new rhymes and phrases. The focus on God was unintentional but effortless, since I already felt so blessed by all these babies God had sent me. That to say, I was tired and stretched to the brink and lonely sometimes and overwhelmed, but singing this song really helped me to focus on the miracles, of what I was (and am) grateful for, despite the struggles of the days that stretched on and on out in front of me.


Playing with the song kind of turned into as much a soothing pastime for me as it seemed to be for my babies. At some point, I realized that if this could help me in the midst of the challenges of keeping little humans alive day in and day out, it could most likely help other parents too. And then there's the added benefit of infusing the messages of God into the hearts and minds of our little ones, using a familiar song that resonates with everyone and unites generations. We are all children at heart after all, I believe.


This book starts forming a foundation of relationship with God before any formal or intentional teaching takes place.  Little ones can easily sing along, and older siblings can read the simple words to their brothers and sisters. 

This book didn't start out as a book. But I'm so humbled that it turned into one. 

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I can't help but to think big. Maybe all small-time authors are under delusions of grandeur to some extent, and I may be no exception. Nonetheless, I would be humbled to no end to see this book shared with children all over the world. The world needs a relationship with God now more than ever after all, and what better place to start than with His greatest gift ~ our kids. 


The mission here, as with any new project, is to start small. Slow and steady stays the course, as they say. I pledge to begin here in my neck of the woods, speaking with small business owners, local churches, children's program directors, independent schools and libraries. I have faith that with patience and time, this little book with a big message can spread far and wide.

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Our Team of One.

About the Book

God Is Proud of Who You Are, sung to the tune of “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star,” is a wonderful book for parents and their children that incorporates prayers into song, which works wonders in comforting all lives, both big and small. The pages of this book represent the deep love we feel for our children and also the profound messages of hope and faith that only God can provide. Share God's word with your kids using this familiar melody, and watch His message take root in the hearts of your little ones. Thank God.

About the Author

Jenni Guzman Bautista puts family first. She lives a very active lifestyle as a wife, health coach, amateur gardener, and kid taxi. She pursues health in body and mind every day, and endeavors to spread the love for life into her kids as they grow together.

Jenni Guzman Bautista is from Denver and has lived there all her life. Her path towards God and His salvation became more meaningful and intentional after hardships suffered in 2014. She loves the outdoors, she loves the rain, and she loves the feel of green grass under her toes.

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